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Since my grandmother gave me a set of Japanese watercolors when I was a very young child in Vermont, I've had the bug to create. When I was a kid I really wanted to be either/or a wildlife painter or childrens' book illustrator so hence the inspiration for a lot of images up in my gallery! I did spend a few years in the early 90s making my living as a animal portraitist and I really enjoyed that immensely.

Life goes on and I attended Parsons's School of Design in NYC where I was told my strength lay in design but I should pursue a minor in illustration as well. So I did. As a child the big cats and birds of prey were my fascination. They still are... (especially after a horseback safari trip through the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa 2 years ago...) but I got the horse bug the first time I rode one twenty plus years ago (In Central Park in New York City.. but that's another story!)

I left the Big Apple and moved to Colorado where we now have a small farm in the foothills of Northern CO. We are owned by 2 lovely Morgan mares who my husband and I do everything from eventing, dressage, ranch work, parades, Australian bullwhip cracking exhibitions, trail riding and more. They are our best friends and truly special. I guess it comes down to I am an 'animal" person not a people person at heart so hence so many critters in my art. I've had my own design/illustration studio now for about 20 years, specializing in the horse and music industries. I got into digital art/3d about 3 years ago mostly for fun. It's been a nice break from advertising and website work.
Laurie Prindle Gallery

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Laurie Prindle - 2D/3D/Bryce
Masai War Pony Kiowa Gold Canyon Flight
Masai War Pony Kiowa Gold Canyon Flight
Serengeti Sunset Silver Ghost The Fallen
Serengeti Sunset Silver Ghost The Fallen
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